Maintenance Checklist: Plumbing 

24/10/2017 | no responses

Well it comes around every year. That time of the year everyone hates when it is time to look at your plumbing and maybe start to do some maintenance. We all know we hate it but it is on our list of things to get done before the year is over and we usually put…

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Before You Hire a Plumber

18/10/2017 | no responses

. License certificate: Your plumbers should be licensed in their trade and always be able to show their license or certificate for their customers. Any of the crew that is sent to your house should be journeymen or hold an apprentice License. Now if they are doing just drain cleaning with their sewer machine they…

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Out Door Kitchens

01/10/2017 | no responses

      Out Door Kitchens are a real luxury we have to enjoy the cool clean air of nature while still having all of the perks of your nice comfortable living room. It makes it nice and a luxury having all your conveniences right their with you such as a huge sweeping rustic fireplace…

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Our Okc Plumbers

26/09/2017 | no responses

  We have been doing several sewer line replacements lately and although some times they are a lot of work. The ones we have have been installing recently have been extremely difficult for our Techs. When we go to check on a job for a clogged drain and run our sewer machine cable through the customers…

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10 tips for gas line repair and replacement

20/09/2017 | no responses

  Gas lines are an integral part of any building structure and they carry one of the most hazardous and fire prone of the amenities, gas. Unlike any other structural element, gas lines are sensitive to handle and must never be handled on DIY (do it yourself) basis (owing to the extreme hazard involved). Nevertheless,…

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Top Tips on Water service repair and replacement

17/09/2017 | no responses

If you have trouble with water works in your home or office, you need to revisit the problem you are currently facing. Also you need to address it before it costs you much more than what you can afford. Checking your water pipes for leaks periodically is one way of getting to know if any…

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09/09/2017 | no responses

Sewer lines need replaced or repaired more if you have an older house massed by overgrowth. Your main drain in your yard can get stopped up just like the drain lines in your house. If your shower, toilet or sink are stopped up it may be just that one line that is clogged. But if…

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Top Tips on New Water Heater Installation & Replacement

07/09/2017 | no responses

Nothing gets more annoying than to witness their water heater going all cranky on a Sunday morning. That’s when you are just in the mood to spend the day just sitting around and being lazy at home. Now what? And what’s next? Where do we find our plumbers? Who services water heaters  on a Sunday?…

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Components of a Commercial Water service

03/09/2017 | no responses

A water service can be roughly broken down into three components. These are: The Water Main The Service Line The Outlet The Service line is what connects the water main to the outlet and supplies water to the property. The water main is where the water is accumulated and later transferred to the service line. A…

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