Plumbers In Okc

Plumbers in Okc
Not always if you are plumbers, do things go smooth or how they were planed.  Most of the time everything goes completely haywire. One of our good customers contacted us to explain a few simple issues that need repaired on a house they just bought.  It is usually smart to go look at the issues that we might be getting into in the older homes.  If we had to sum up the list of things that they needed done it would look pretty mediocre. A tub and show faucet replacement, they wanted a new seat for their toilet, kitchen sink and faucet replacement and in order to install a gas cock shut of valve for the stove we would have to disconnect the gas line. If we looked at all of the items they were fairly simple to be for sure, and we told them we would for stay in their budget planning.  When we started the work and things went from simple to somewhat complicated after entering the basement. To start off first we saw a few other problems such as a rusted / busted tub drain and some broken and corroded water lines also. Although the repairs that we found first were not going to be that much of a problem. We got started and had most of the plumbing problems repaired that we already found fairly quick. Most of the problems we saw are the usual thing in these older houses when there is cast-iron sewer drains and steel galvanized water pipes. This is when it started to get real fun as we tried to turn the water back on believing everything was repaired. It was not very long at all until we saw a water line leaking right close to where we were. We found it was a rusted out old galvanized water line leaking pretty fast. We had to turn the water off again and start over. After we had this one repaired it is time to try and turn on the water. When we finally turn the water back on we see another leak just a little further down the line that we had just repaired. Here we go again the was a leak coming from the threaded part of water line that was cracked. So we have to turn the water off again and the same thing happens at least seven or eight more times until it is finally time to head back to the shop because it was quitting time. Well to make that story short we finally get the water all repaired and we have replaced about 90% of the hot galvanized water lines with Pex water piping. The next day instead of going through that again we just removed all of the rest of the water lines on the hot and the cold side. The rest of the water lines remaining were in the walls and were copper water lines although some of the solder joint were pushed apart. The home apparently had not been winterized correctly which lead to all the water lines freezing and breaking apart. We had the water back on and working so we were actually thinking we would be close to being done with the repair project. But when you have to work on an aged house like this where the plumbing is very old it sometimes can be a never ending story. Here we go again. No water to the toilet. So we are checking the water stop shut off and the ballcock toilet filler to see if they are clogged with sediment and or corrosion. The water is turned off again so we can replace the water shutoff valve for the toilet and run a new water line. So the with a working toilet stool we start checking the bathroom faucets and drains. The faucets were working fairly well to my amazement. But I was not amazed that both of the drains on the double lavatories would not drain at all. We had to go on the roof and snake or roto rooter the drains through the vent. This will will usually get them both on a double lavatory drain because they will run those on a continuous waist for the two. We even pulled out all kinds of products on the snake such as feminine products, baby wipes and disposable rags. None of which should ever be flushed even though they all say that they can be by the manufacture. They will cause major issues with your drain system.
When buying a old house or thinking about getting some property to rent, sell or even live in, you should always keep in mind the hidden issues that you will always find later and plan you expenses accordingly before making the purchase. Be sure and call us and have them inspect the homes system completely before your final purchase to save you time and money. This will really help keep your budget down in the long run.