Move water lines and drains

Moving drains and Water lines

12/01/2020 | no responses

Moving drains Hey, we are Moving drains and Water lines over two feet because the plumbers they hired didn’t really know what they were doing. They were remodelers and they did a good job at some of the things they did but the craftsmanship on the plumbing was terrible. We fixed several things especially after…

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Plumbing Day To Day

11/12/2017 | no responses

When we get a call for an estimate on a large project we always let the customer know up front that we don’t do free estimates except for over the phone. They will understand that if your a company then you are usually booked up for at least a week and some times longer than…

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Top 5 Signs That Your Property Needs a Plumbing Overhaul

11/12/2017 | no responses

Sewage issues appear like they can sneak up on you. With responsibilities like work and individual life to deal with, it can be difficult to remain in control. Since maintenance is not a part of general routine so such obligations can escape everyone’s notice. A great many people disregard all the water and depletes in…

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Plumber Oklahoma city, Ok

03/12/2017 | no responses

There will always be plenty of reasons to have to hire a plumber in Oklahoma city, Ok and some of the reasons for hiring plumbers might be running service maintenance on your water heater or boiler. Your tech will accomplish these services  by setting your elec-trodes, checking the air filters and orifice, replacing elements, or…

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Plumbers In Okc

27/11/2017 | no responses

Not always if you are plumbers, do things go smooth or how they were planed.  Most of the time everything goes completely haywire. One of our good customers contacted us to explain a few simple issues that need repaired on a house they just bought.  It is usually smart to go look at the issues…

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Maintenance Checklist: Plumbing 

24/10/2017 | no responses

Well it comes around every year. That time of the year everyone hates when it is time to look at your plumbing and maybe start to do some maintenance. We all know we hate it but it is on our list of things to get done before the year is over and we usually put…

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Before You Hire a Plumber

18/10/2017 | no responses

. License certificate: Your plumbers should be licensed in their trade and always be able to show their license or certificate for their customers. Any of the crew that is sent to your house should be journeymen or hold an apprentice License. Now if they are doing just drain cleaning with their sewer machine they…

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Out Door Kitchens

01/10/2017 | no responses

      Out Door Kitchens are a real luxury we have to enjoy the cool clean air of nature while still having all of the perks of your nice comfortable living room. It makes it nice and a luxury having all your conveniences right their with you such as a huge sweeping rustic fireplace…

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Our Okc Plumbers

26/09/2017 | no responses

  We have been doing several sewer line replacements lately and although some times they are a lot of work. The ones we have have been installing recently have been extremely difficult for our Techs. When we go to check on a job for a clogged drain and run our sewer machine cable through the customers…

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