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There is no telling what a plumber will find in a Toilet

There is no telling what a plumber will find in a Toile

There is no telling what a plumber will find in a Toilet. If you are Academy Disc Plumbing & Repairr there is not telling what you will find when you are trying to unclog a toilet for one of your customers. Most often it is the main sewer that is clogged and not the toilet itself. It just always shows up when the toilet or toilets will not flush or are flushing very slow. You have to first check and find out where the problem is originating by diagnosing  and step by step procedures.

First you will have to check the main sewer line. Usually if the main sewer line is clogged very bad when you try to flush the toilets it will try and back up into the bathtub or into the shower from the drain lines. If the main sewer line is clogged it can not got out though the main trunk line. It has no where to go. So in essence the only place it has to go is to flow backwards though the smaller drain lines and ends up pouring out through the bathtub drains or the shower drains because that is the lowest point in the drain system.

The other place it can show up at or flow out of is your condensation or hot water pop off drain which is most likely in the garage. Sometimes you won’t even know or find this for several days if you don’t happen to go into the garage.

Clogged with Roots

When it is clogged like this and it tries to flow in the reveres direction it can cause other problems. Besides the main sewer line clog. When it flows in reveres it will bring solids with it. Therefore and cause other lines like your kitchen, washer. sinks tubs and shower drains. To become impacted with these solids.

Then not only does the tech have to snake the main sewer line. The plumbers will have to snake any of the other drain lines that are still clogged and impacted. Don’t use the toilet. Unclog it first. Roots is the main sewer line cause clogs. Catching on these in the line from flushing things like feminine products, baby wipes, or disposable rags.

By a Name Brand Toilet

Now when the  tech rules out the main sewer line not being clogged and it is not backing up into the tub or shower. There is a clog in the toilet. Or if it is very old. Or just a cheap toilet probably purchased at one of the big box stores. Which most are are really bad even when brand new.

Although they still cost a pretty penny. Need to by a name brand toilet. If you are going to buy a toilet make a short trip to a good supply store. To buy a good toilet that will work as good when it is ten years old as the day you bought it. I suggest Locke plumbing supply and a Mansfield toilet. Reasonably priced and is great quality.

There is no telling what a plumber will find in a Toilet Clogged.

Ok. The plumbers have ruled out everything. The clogged toilet. Now we get down to the nitty gritty. We have a closet auger. This way we can snake the toilet with out scratching it with the cable. I have pulled out anything and everything you can imagine out of a toilet. It would surprise you to see the things I have seen and would probably want to UN-see some of them.

Therefore everything from kids toy rocky horses to electric razors. Because it is surprising.. Therefore at what some people will try to flush down their toilets. I even pulled out a squirrel once and that even surprised me after 30 years of plumbing. He  fell down the main or three inch vent on the roof. Stuck in the sewer system. He the tried to escape. Climbed out  the toilet. Ultimately stuck.