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Oklahoma City Plumbers

Oklahoma City Plumbers

Our Oklahoma City Plumbers are around when you need Plumbers Oklahoma City or plumbers for any issues you may be having. What ever problems come up.

Sewer lines aren’t prone to any particular problems except leaks, clogs and leakages. Damaged sewer pipes can result in severe and costly property damage, moreover, leads to chronic health issues. When a sewer line fails to function properly, sewer line repair is the first line of defense.

Sewer line replacement is the only other option for leaking sewer lines. Intact sewer lines are essential for comfortable and clean homes. As a homeowner, a sewer line leak can be hectic to deal with some times. For mitigating or preventing sewer line leak, it’s essential to spot the major causes of sewer line damage.

Plumbers Find Causes of Damaged Sewer Lines

Scroll down to know the common causes of a damaged sewer line, signs of a damaged sewer line, sewer line repair and replacement and things to consider.

  • Poor maintenance

If the older sewer pipes are left unchecked by you Oklahoma city plumbers when they start having root problems and are allowed to let the roots build up. They need to be snaked regularly to remove what roots are there. Then add foaming root killer initially. Then add salt on a regular basis.

Cleaning agents can lead to serious damage. Pipes made of steel and iron are at higher risk of corroding due to calcium and magnesium build from regular wear and tear.

  • Extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures, during the winter, if the lines are exposed there are great chances for the sewer lines to have issues. In winter, frozen sewer pipes. When exposed to freezing conditions can burst out as a result of the expansion of ice.

Plumbers Oklahoma City

  • Tree roots

Tree roots are the common cause of damage to sewer pipes. Naturally, tree roots follow the waterways as they grow. Since, sewer pipes carry debris and liquid household waste, tree roots are attracted towards them.

When tree roots get in contact with the sewer pipes, they begin to wrap around the pipes and weaken the pipes. Clay sewer types are more prone to damage from roots. Call Plumbers Oklahoma city for an assessment today.

  • Clogged pipes

Home sewage lines are made to carry human and household waste. To prevent these pipes from clogging, avoid flushing paper towels and trash like wrappers because they don’t disintegrate and cause blockages.

Waste oil and grease if poured in the kitchen sinks can also form clogs in the sewer pipes. Try to pour them in the discharge cans, scrape them of into the dogs bowl, throw it in a compost pile or even in the garden. Plumbers Oklahoma city believe the garbage disposals were really made for us because they cause problems and clog when you wouldn’t have one if you don’t use the disposal. For one thing there is just not enough water going down the drain with the food at the same time and the food will just stick there and not flow on out the drain.

Oklahoma City Plumbers Locate Damaged Sewer Pipe

  • Slow draining

Slow draining could come from a break or blockage in your sewer pipes, especially in the lowest level of your homes.

  • Growth of grass near your sewage pipes

If your damage your sewage pipes you’d probably observe the growth of greener grass near the sewer pipes. That’s an indication of water leakage underground.

  • Flooded yard

A flooded yard can also be a sign of broken pipes. If sewer lines are close to the surface, then a broken pipe quickly pools water which seeps through the grass and becomes visible. you can bury sewer pipes anywhere from a few feet to six feet underground.

is Oklahoma City Plumbers recommend Sewer line repair when there are cracks or holes in the sewer pipes. But if the damage is the severe replacement of the sewer line becomes compulsory.

Plumbers hints to find Sewer Odor

The foul-smelling yard is the sign of broken sewer pipes which cause serious damage to your property. This will frustrate home owners often times because of this foul odor. You can sometimes try to use a smoke bomb in the sewer line. Put the cap back on the line to keep the smoke in and watch and see if you see smoke coming out of the ground anywhere. Especially where you smell the odor. Some times you can get the city do smoke bomb there main and it will smoke your line also. You can also try this inside the house as well if you smell an odor and can not figure out where it is coming from.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is the trenchless repair of the sewer line that doesn’t require extensive excavation and does not harm your property. In this technique. Therefore a cone-shaped bit. To insert through your existing line and destroys the pipe while replacing it with the new one immediately.

This process is more less-time effective and more expensive. This process is very effective when your sewer line is severely damage

Plumbers use Cured in Place Piping (CIPP)

Cured in place piping (CIPP). Use when the sewer pipes are open or can open by using cutters. Perform a sewer camera inspection to find out the problematic areas in the drainage system and connections to plumbing appliances.

Once the problem is located and diagnosed. Different equipment use to clean the sewer pipes. These processes include cable cleaning, sanding, hydro-jetting, high-speed chain cleaning, combination, or vacuuming.

The, felt liner cut. It will follow it by the bladders assemble The felt is vacuum to impregnate with epoxy or resin and then it will roll to the thickness that meets ASTM standards. The bladder is to insert into the felt and then the felt is to insert into the pipe using one of the following two methods:



Because the process of inversion is to use this when there is only one access point. In inversion, the felt when the plumbers are loading in an inversion machine which uses air pressure to blow inverted liner into the sewer pipes. Where as after the installation of the felt liner, the bladder is to force and push against the internal circumference of the old pipe, resulting in a smooth seamless pipe.

Pull In Place

Because in this process, different access points use, including toilet flanges, vent stacks, cleanouts, excavations and manholes. The felt is to insert into the cleaned pipe systems by use of the mentioned access points. Because the felt can bend through Y’s and T’s elbows. Also the inflated bladder pushes the epoxy felt liner against the internal circumference of the host pipe. The epoxy takes a few hours to cure.

After the plumbers remove the bladder is by, leaving behind a seamless and strong pipe within the host pipe. Pull in place is for use for complete restoration of line or spot repairs.

Plumbers Oklahoma City Protecting Your Sewer Lines

  • If you see a tree which is damaging your sewer lines, you should remove that tree along with roots to prevent from major damage to your property. Plumbers protecting your sewer lines.
  • To check whether your sewer system is working properly, a Best Fastest Cheapest Plumber Near Me at least once a year for the complete inspection of your drainage system.
  • Only dispose of toilet papers and human waste in the sewer lines.
  • Contact Academy Disc Plumbing & Repair if you observe any leakage or seeping water in your yard or lawn.
  • Go for trenchless repair if there is a need because it causes less harm to your property than the traditional repair. It is complete typically in a day and can save homeowner’s money. Check out our Blog for more advice.