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Moving drains and Water lines

Move water lines and drains

Moving drains

Hey, we are Moving drains and Water lines over two feet because the plumbers they hired didn’t really know what they were doing. They were remodelers and they did a good job at some of the things they did. But the craftsmanship on the plumbing was terrible. We fixed several things especially after the owners tried to turn the water on. They had leaks in the wall that they never checked. Now we are we having to move the water lines and drain lines over. They installed them in the wrong place. They will need to move about two feet. So underneath the house we have to cut off the drain line and move it over. They installed one and a half inch PVC for the drain line. When they should have used two inch PVC.

Now days when do a new house on new construction we always run three inch pvc to the kitchen. One and a half inch or two inch pvc inch just doesn’t handle the food coming out of disposal in the long run much better and still won’t cut it though because there’s not enough water coming through when the disposal running. So it still can stop up even with three inch pipe. There is just not enough water running through it when the disposal is on in less you fill up the sink more. Then dump it all at the same time.

Moving Water lines

So we are moving water lines and the drains the owners didn’t want to pay to change it back to two inch. That’s OK will still make it work and add a clean out. Just have to cut off the drains underneath move them over and the water lines. Then strap them up so they are solid. Make sure you primer and glue use a torpedo level make sure it has a quarter bubble. Which is a quarter of an inch of fall per foot or one inch every 4 feet of line that you run.

We now have the drains and water lines moved and mounted solid so we can add the tee on bottom of the drain. On the bottom we will install a clean out. On the top we install a studio vent or studor vent. If it’s three inch pipe it doesn’t need a vent. So we will rough in the backside of the cabinet. Cap off the water lines and the drain so they don’t stink until we come back.

The cabinet people will get the top put on and will come back and hook up the faucet and the drain lines. They are going to install the dishwasher. We will have to wait for them so we can hook up water line and the drain line to the dishwasher. We usually install the dishwasher but they want to. It is a little bit of work but thats why we are plumbers okc