Out Door Kitchens


Out Door Kithchen



Out Door Kitchens are a real luxury we have to enjoy the cool clean air of nature while still having all of the perks of your nice comfortable living room. It makes it nice and a luxury having all your conveniences right their with you such as a huge sweeping rustic fireplace and a big screen TV. Some will have a bar, pool table, Foosball table, poker table or a swimming pool. The kitchen is right behind you equipped with a refrigerator, stove water heater and a double kitchen sink, Next to these is a built in barbecue. Very nice luxury’s to enjoy but most people would not believe how much work it is for all the rough in and finale stages of the installation. Installing all of the new drains, water lines, the gas to the fireplace and heater come in several stages. These stages are very time consuming and pretty labor intensive. The amount of plumbing for the drains, water and gas lines that go into an out door kitchen is almost as much as goes into a whole house. Just not spread out as far and it all has to install in such a way that it can be easily winterized every year. When the installation is complete the drain lines have to be filled with water to check the connections. The water and the gas lines both have to be aired up and hold a certain amount of air to pass when it is time for the inspection. It will also have three different stages of inspection as to pass all city and state codes. Make sure you have a licensed contractor to get all to the work done right.

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