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We at Academy Disc Plumbing & Repair have been proving our self’s for over 30 years and we are traditional plumbers in Oklahoma city providing plumbing in Oklahoma city and all surrounding areas. We take on any and all types of installations, minor repairs or any small domestic work to the larger, major projects. They all will be carried out to the very highest of standards, and at very competitive prices compared to other companies in Oklahoma City.  Call us up. Compare our prices, save money today and in the long run. If you look at quotes that you get from other companies in Okc. We always stay very competitive with our prices and never limit the quality. We will only use the best materials for all of our repairs or complete installations.

As one of the top contractors, Academy Disc Plumbing & Repair also offers a diversity of repairs to the general public in the Oklahoma city area which are available from full bathroom designs and total refurbishment, new construction, full sewer replacement or repair to simple toilet repairs or complete replacements. Academy Disc Plumbing & Repair will send our technicians to help with what ever the situation you have on hand. With full construction Industry board recognized qualifications, Our business also has experienced tecks giving customers the piece of mind that any and all of their repairs or installation will be finished to industry standards. We will always complete the job right the first time and we stand behind our work with a full one year warranty on all labor except drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is impossible to warranty because we can not control what will enter the drain pipes or be flushed down the toilet stool by accident after we leave. Also when we run our snake though the drain lines it’s not like magic. It can not repair or fix a problem that is there already. Even though it may clear the drain for the time being.  We We have the best equipment though and we are well trained and well versed in running it.

We are based in Oklahoma City and over the years we have built up a great reputation as being reliable and efficient. All of our Okc plumbers are licensed with the State of Oklahoma Construction Industries Board, insured and Bonded for your complete protection. You can rely on us to take care of any problem that you may have now or in the future.If there is anything else our plumbers can help you with please be sure and contact us and we will be able to assist you further with all of your plumbing needs. Call us today at 405-421-0102


Originally Wirsbo PEX Tubing. Now Uponor

Uponor or aquapex is the best piping there is and the only pipe we use for plumbing in Okc. It is by far Superior to any other pex or pro pex pipe applications made. Its versatility and Superior strength is outstanding and I really don’t understand why all other plumbers in Okc are not using it. Well I say that but the reason is that regular crimp type pex is a whole lot faster to install but it is inferior in every way to the Uponor. You have to be a licensed Okc plumber to install the Uponor. To buy the tool, that is around $400 you have be a licensed Master Plumber in Okc or the manufacturer will not sell it to you.


Uponor Piping tool. This tool is used to expand the Uponor or aquapex piping. $400 before tax and requires  Licensed Master Oklahoma City plumber to purchase and use. It also has to be used in a certain way or it will not make the connections correctly. If you attend the Uponor seminar and are a licensed Master plumber in Okc Uponor warranties their piping and fittings for 25 years.

History of Wirsbo PEX Tubing

It was 1968 when Thomas Engel invented the process that produced  chemically cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping. This was considered virtually impossible by most heating engineer experts, The Wirsbo Co. was using Thomas Engle’s technology to develop the best manufacturing process for producing PEX piping. The cross-linked PEX piping was introduced in the over seas European floor radiant heating in 1972 and in the potable water plumbing in 1973. The PEX piping has solved numbers of problems that occur with the copper or metal plumbing pipes and some other types of plastic piping. The PEX piping does not corrode or erode, and is immune to all of the problems with plumbing  that come with the hard water that damages copper or metal plumbing pipes. The piping has a  rating of 180 degrees F and 100 psi. The Wirsbo piping will also have the highest polymer oxygen diffusion barrier of any piping world wide, according to the company.

The growth through the years of the cross-linked polyethylene piping has been astounding in the over seas European market. Today over 80 % of all Okc plumbing are made with PEX tubing, We at Academy Disc Plumbing & Repair and our Okc plumbers prefer it to any other piping and in some countries its well over 50 %. In Europe and over seas, where radiant floor heating system are installed in over 50 % of new construction, PEX piping goes into approximately 70 % of all construction .
The Wirsbo-PEX piping was introduced to the U.S. plumbing markets in 1985 by Tomas Lenman. is now the director of technology at The Wirsbo Co. Apple Valley, Minn, Tomas Lenman was a leading member of all of the engineering teams that developed the products in the 1970s and today, the PEX piping is used for floor heating and many other heating applications also.

If you are interested in the uponor water system for new water lines for your new home you are building or in the radiant floor heating layout. Which is a much better and more economical heating system which also takes care of problems with hot or cold areas in your home. It regulates the heat in such an even matter. Just let us know and give us a call and we will update you on all of the great features of the uponor piping system. It can save money in the long run and last longer.